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Generates instant 4K PNG, MOV, MP4 from MOV, PNG, PSD + 100 more. Stop hunting for iPhone, Android, Laptop PSDs, even if you don't have Photoshop or After Effects.

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Recommend for

This is tool is recommended for NON-technical web designers looking for an alternative to Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere to create their next promotional videos and animated website device mockups.

The Experience

The experience was good. Initially, I had a hard time learning the interface and the settings to make animation adjustments (maybe because I don't have experience in animation). However, once I unlocked the template bundles I was able to create freely and export transparent phone and laptop mockups with ease! So much so, I found out they have an "Export for Web" function that exports JSON files that work like a Lottie file in Webflow. I was able to create Apple like scrolling animations that put me with the best. The export quality was very good, but, do leave your computer alone while exporting because it may run slow or even hot! There were more than enough mockups to suffice from laptops, phone, and tablets, as well.


  1. Easy-to-use interface
  2. Robust export formats
  3. Affordable options (Yearly License)
  4. Editable devices


  1. Learning curve on animation adjustments
  2. Sluggish exports
  3. Cannot import more mockups
  4. Limited background designs
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