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InvolveMe: Form/Quiz Builder

Users can easily create and publish smart landing pages & promotions for lead acquisition, quizzes & personality tests for lead qualification & segmentation, price calculators & digital sales assistants for sales conversion.

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Recommend for

This is recommended for Marketers and Consultants who need a low-code affordable option to test new ideas and lead generation tactics. The integrations sync with most popular CRM systems and analytics platforms

The Experience

This app is better than expected! I have used alternatives such as Jotform, Google Forms, and Qzzr and none have the feature set + design flexibility + price tag that Involve.me has. I created an Outcome-based personality quiz overnight for FREE! I loved it so much that I optioned up so I could extend the user data to sync with our CRM and add Google Analytics and a Facebook Pixel for further tracking and retargeting. The last quiz campaign we ran for a company cost $500/month with Qzzr and we couldn't even export the leads easily. The amount of integrations is on par with Jotform, HOWEVER, Involve.me looks much better in the end!


  1. Loaded with Marketing tech integrations
  2. Naturally beautiful look and feel
  3. Affordable
  4. Lots of pre-made templates
  5. Live chat integration available


  1. Plans get expensive compared to Jotform
  2. Too many required fields to "Publish" a new quiz
  3. Focused on marketing tech ie. CRM and Analytics platforms
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