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No Code Generation King: Webflow

There are two categories of people, the one who knows how to code and the ones who don’t.

Timothy Robertson, STATUS International Branding Agency

No Code Generation King: Webflow

There are two categories of people, the one who knows how to code and the ones who don’t. From the early 90s to the 2010s every tech enterprise was dependent on the category who were proficient programmers. But what about now? The millennials and the so-called Gen Z know everything about computers. They grew up having tablets and Macs in their hands. They have brilliant ideas and great creative minds but do they really know how these machines work, or simply put, do they really know how the programming world runs? Probably not! Why? Because this is a No Code Generation. Technology has improved so much that we need not write a single word of code and yet create powerful and appealing websites and softwares. 

No Code and Still Own a Stunning Website — How?

There are a lot of platforms and online tools that allow non-techies to directly use their creative minds and create effective products. The tool’s functionalities and No Code methodology empower the users to compete with hard-coded websites. So what’s the truth behind these zero coding platforms, especially Webflow because that's our topic of discussion today. To be honest, our expert team has used all of them and came to the conclusion that most of them are trash. Some are too expensive while others are too tricky to be used by a non-coder.

But wait… there’s a Glittering Gold hidden in the long list of web designing tools and that’s Webflow.

What is Webflow? 

In the most simple words, it is pretty much accurate to say that Webflow writes the code for you. It creates the code for what you think and design. When you add the elements from the editor, its pre-coder begins to write the program. You don’t even need to have a single look at the code because it’s nowhere in the scene. Though you can edit it, why would you?

You can easily design your own web pages or use any of the pre-designed templates. Splash your creativity and create the next masterpiece. The designing and development go hand in hand with Webflow Editor. You can add multiple APIs and use pre-developed compliant codes as well. The Node Code Generation King Webflow allows everyone irrespective of their technical or non-technical background to Design, Build, and Host their websites within just a few minutes. 

The Good News… Webflow helps you optimize your content and keep your website on the top with its SEO management system. What a deal! You don’t even need an SEO manager.

A spicy twist… the templates are customizable too. What else do you need? You can choose any of the basic or ultra-stylish templates and give them your personal design touch. Technically, Webflow automatically generates a hard code of the design you make by the feature of Drag and Drop in the Visual Editor. 

Did we just say Drag and Drop?

Yes! You read it absolutely right. Webflow gives you a drag and drop feature and even a 6 year old can use that functionality. It’s more than easy to use and the designs are super attractive with powerful servers. Create a Vintage look or go Contemporary. Do whatever you want and however you want.

Still, confused? Switch to Webflow Tutorials

Don’t know how to start? Take a back seat and let the Webflow Tutorials help you with each of the elements in the Webflow Visual Editor. As soon as you sign up, the Webflow Mini Tutorial helps you use the elements individually. Once you complete the hands-on session, you may hardly need any more assistance. However, if this isn’t enough, Webflow helps the users via Live Sessions, Videos, Webinars, and free online courses through Webflow University

Webflow University is a totally new concept introduced by the company in the tool itself. It’s an online platform that offers you a variety of courses free of cost. If you’re a student, a professional, or even a full-time mom, you can suffice your knack for learning with Webflow University

Why Webflow is the Real King?

It’s not a thing of the word, the hype is real. Webflow proves that it has what it takes to be the best website builder and content management tool available in the market right now. But you should know why we are calling Webflow, a King. 

  1. Own a small/medium business? 

If you are currently running or looking forward to running a business, you definitely need a professional website. You don’t need a developer to build that website though. Why? Because you can create it yourself with Webflow. Small businesses often struggle with finances, resources, and staff. You as an owner, obviously want to manage everything on your own to make the maximum profits, right? Well, Webflow makes it easy for you to manage and update your website in just a few simple clicks. You get to save money, time, effort, and need not any professional to do it for you. It’s a win-win.

  1. Are you a Content Creator?

If you’ve any blog ideas, Webflow has got some of the most alluring designs for you. They are appealing, decent, flashy, innovative, colorful, bold, plain, whatever you can imagine, Webflow has it all. Don’t believe it? Check out some Cool Designs over here. Webflow will give you a lot of templates to start your blog. If you’re an independent creator, these editable templates are your must-haves. You can change the look and feel of your blog whenever you want and your data is still safe. Just create your content and leave everything else to Webflow. 

  1. Do you need an eCommerce Store?

The new version of Webflow is offering a separate eCommerce Package for online stores. This tool can help you set up an eCommerce store to sell your products and earn profits. You can add plugins and APIs to incorporate payment gateways, carts, etc. Unlike other tools, Webflow already has all the features and you need not get any third-party plugins to add these simple yet necessary functionalities. Think of a design, get all your product pictures handy, and just Webflow it. 

  1. Have a lot of clients or do you want to showcase your work?

If you are a freelancer with a lot of clients, you can create all your projects in Webflow at a minimal cost. You get to create an unlimited number of projects, client billing, advanced hosting, site protection, white labeling, code export, and build prototypes to test your responsive designs. Further, if you want to showcase what you do, you can simply host your own website and offer your services to clients and customers. You can either choose free hosting or get enhanced features with a paid one. It is a platform to work and display altogether.

  1. Need advanced Web Designing features?

Webflow gives high-end Web Designing Features. You can add animations, videos, and images. Not only this, but you can also edit the text and images in pre-designed templates even when the site is running live. It allows responsive designs that fit all the screen sizes. You can first build them on a desktop resolution and then move on to testing on tablets and mobile screens. It’s as easy as said.

  1. Looking for creative interactions and animations?

Okay! This may seem a bit tricky to use at first if you are new to the tool. However, if you have a little knowledge about creating animations or even if you’re slightly inclined to make your website incredibly cool and edgy, Interactions are a smart choice. Though you need a little knowledge of JavaScript, we would say it’s still better than JS DOM manipulations.  

  1. Are you a Tech Enterprise? 

Webflow has a lot to offer when it comes to Tech Enterprises. If you have a team of 2 or more people, Webflow makes a good partner. It not only provides you with a Team Dashboard but also gives a customized package of services. You can freely choose the services you need and pay accordingly. These are called Enterprise Packages and no other platform offers such amazing facilities to its users. You can also select the size of your team and get the monthly package according to the number of people accessing your Webflow Team Dashboard. All your team members will have common access to all the projects and manage a real Tech Enterprise with ease. It’s affordable, reliable, and centralized. 

  1. Want to keep everything in one place?  

Things are getting real because Webflow is a one-stop-shop for all your website needs. You need not run anywhere else to design, develop, host, or market your website separately. It gives you great customer support with a lot of study and training material as well. It has 3 account plans and 4 hosting packages that allow you to stage your website when it’s ready to publish. So, if you have fresh ideas, you don’t need a front-end developer to actualize them. 

  1. Need a super secured website?

Even the Free Hosting provides you with end-to-end SSL Security. This isn’t something that has been ever offered for free, right? It’s simple to use and you just need to turn the Security Option ON. The security is even made stronger with a Threat Monitoring System that constantly keeps an eye on the network. You will have a secured website without any stress. 

  1. Do you want to switch platforms?

If you already have your content somewhere else and you want to migrate to Webflow, don’t worry. It will be done in just a snap of your fingers. You can use the Import CSV functionality to get all the content from your current platform. Take it easy! You won’t lose your data. Just collect everything in a CSV, export and then import it to Webflow. You are all set to go.

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, you must consider it before making your move. And now you know that to work with Webflow, you neither have to be a developer nor a designer, neither a techie nor an expert, you just need to start creating a website.

De-Clamp your Brain Box with Webflow

Why go with the traditional and bulky tools that claim themselves to be Code Free and yet you need a professional to work on them? You have The King — Webflow. It is a combination of Do it Yourself, Advanced Content Management, and Real-Time Front End Development tools and all of these help it stand out from its competitors. The Feature List doesn’t end here. You get a Hosting and SEO Management Panel too. 

Adapting your methodologies with changing technology is the key to long-term growth. You can easily leave the rat race behind and step up your game with Webflow. De-Clamp your thinking box and break the boundaries.

In a few words…

This No Code Generation is bringing about a big change using these modern tools. They are making sure that this advancement is used to its fullest. The lives are now much easier and smarter. Common people with zero to minimum technical knowledge are now making high-tech designs using basic Drag and Drop functions. Sounds like a junior school thing but the applications are beyond imagination.

Though there's a lot of tools available, it is difficult to assess which CMS is the best for you. However, if we look at the features and the scope of use, it’s clearly visible that Webflow accurately fits the bill in almost every situation. Webflow gives you the feel of being a designer, developer, website manager, and even an SEO expert. The best thing is that you literally don’t need any external help to manage your website in Webflow. Just a simple signup and you are all set to launch your first project. 

Our team has published extremely stylish websites in as little as a day, so why can’t you. Let the No Code King help you build the edgy website you always wanted. Just lean by Design, Build, and Deploy.